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Consultancy Services

The following are general terms and conditions will regards to all consultancy services offered by BARS Training Australia Pty Ltd ATF The Oliver Family Trust (BARS).

BARS warrants that is will perform services:

  • with due care, skill and judgment to the best of its knowledge and expertise;
  • in an efficient, professional and cost effective manner in accordance with relevant professional principles and standards;
  • in accordance with all Laws and this document and all reasonable directions made by or on behalf of the Client under this document; and
  • in accordance with all operations, safety, health and environment guidelines, rules and procedures provided to BARS by the Client.

The Client warrants that:

  • it has provided BARS with all the necessary documents and information relevant to the Services to be provided by BARS to the Client.

The Client acknowledges that;

  • BARS has relied upon the documents and information provided by the Client to BARS when determining its Fee for the Services and that any document or information not disclosed by the Client to BARS may cause the Fee to be increased;
  • BARS may immediately suspend the provision of Services if the Client fails to pay any amount of money owing under this document;
  • BARS is only required to provide the Services as detailed in this document and that the provision of the Services is in no way a representation by BARS that the Client will at the conclusion of the Services being provided by BARS, be able to:
  • Obtain or vary a liquor licence; or
  • Successfully defend a proceeding for an infringement of an existing liquor licence which seeks to revoke or vary the Client’s existing liquor licence.
  • The final determination regarding the grant or variation of a liquor licence or determination regarding an infringement of an existing liquor licence is made by either the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (or its successor), the Queensland Police Service or a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction.
  • The Client will be responsible for payment of all Government Fees and Incidental Expenses with regards to application made by BARS on behalf of the Client.

Legal Advice

The Client acknowledges that BARS has and will not provide legal advice with respect to:

  • obtaining or varying a liquor licence; or
  • defending a proceeding for an infringement of an existing liquor licence which seeks to revoke or vary the Client’s existing liquor licence,

and that the Client should obtain further legal advice from a lawyer or as appropriate to their circumstances.

Legislative Compliance

The Client acknowledges that it is at all times, responsible for ensuring that it complies with all legislative requirements, including but not limited to the Liquor Act 1992, the Wine Industry Act 1994 and the Security Providers Act 1993 and all relevant regulations and that the Services provided by BARS do not replace or vary the Client’s obligations to comply with any legislative provision.