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No Service or Supply Signage(Posted 01/01/2016)

Approved signage that can be displayed reminding patrons that it is against the law to supply liquor to patrons who are Drunk / Disorderly or Under 18.  Click on the icon to dowload the document.

Tobacco Laws for Hotel & Clubs(Posted 01/01/2016)

The current penalty unit amount from the 1 July 2015 is set at $117.80 and increases each and every financial year.  This is a guide to the on-the-spot fines and offences that relate to licensed premises.

Towards Best Practice - Queensland(Posted 01/01/2016)

A comprehensive guide outlining risk management practices and procedures for all venues operating in Queensland.  Click on the icon to download your copy of this OLGR best practice guide (49 pages).