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Bikie Colours or Insignia Signage(Posted 01/01/2016)

Approved signage that can be displayed relating to allowing persons wearing and/or carring accessaries linked with a criminal organisation on license premises. Click on the icon to download the document.

Code of Practice for RSA(Posted 01/01/2016)

The Code of Practice was originally published in 2005 to provide a proactive whole-of-industry approach to ensure liquor is served, supplied and promoted responsibly.  Click on the icon to download your copy

ID Confiscation Report - Queensland(Posted 01/01/2016)

These ID Confiscation Report must be submitting to OLGR for every document seized from patrons falsely representing themselves as over the age of 18 years.  For a better option click here

Metal Detectors in Use Signage(Posted 01/01/2016)

Approved signage advising patrons that metal detectors are in use.  Remember that the BARS Group are authorised dealers of Garrett metal detectors so don't get caught with a copy click here

No More Risky Business(Posted 01/01/2016)

"No More Risky Business" is an auditing tool to assist licensees conduct periodic safety audits to meet their legal obligations of harm minimisation.  Click the icon to download your copy.

No Service or Supply Signage(Posted 01/01/2016)

Approved signage that can be displayed reminding patrons that it is against the law to supply liquor to patrons who are Drunk / Disorderly or Under 18.  Click on the icon to dowload the document.

Tobacco Laws for Hotel & Clubs(Posted 01/01/2016)

The current penalty unit amount from the 1 July 2015 is set at $117.80 and increases each and every financial year.  This is a guide to the on-the-spot fines and offences that relate to licensed premises.