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Wherever crowds gather there is now nearly always the need for security. This has imposed a significant financial burden on doing business - especially clubs, pubs and shopping centres where security is a large part of the budgets for many such venues.

There are advantages provided by quality security that positively impact on business profit.  Some venues welcome security as an opportunity rather than a cost. They are the businesses that understand the enormous positive impact that can be derived from employing a quality security provider.

What is our difference? Why consider BARS Protection Services?

We believe there are a number of points of difference. Most compelling though, is the belief at BARS Protection Services that quality security solutions & systems do more than protect people and assets … they actually improve our quality of life. This is much more than a business for us, it is our passion.

Integration of Systems

We are able to provide quality solutions for you in Security Personnel, Risk Assessment, and Training. You can elect to look at a fully integrated Security Solution for your business – the advantages of this are significant.

Placing Your Customers First

We are pioneering the move from security professionals focused on protecting people and property to proactive professionals preventing problems from occurring and enhancing customer experiences. We aim to be part of your customer service culture.

The Best Operatives

Our screening process is strict & rigorous with only the very best security personnel making the team. You get the best in the business. Our reputation is built on providing the best customer service focused security services – and the quality of our personnel is a key ingredient.

BARS Crowd Control

Quality Training

Having selected the best personnel, we provide high level training to ensure every member of the BARS Protection team has negotiation skills, customer service awareness, and are adept at identifying problems before they escalate. Our clients are invited to have their own staff attend our in-house training.

A Systematic Approach

The most powerful solutions combine quality personnel with quality systems. Every project we undertake is supported by careful planning, ensuring your security system is the best fit for your needs.

Management Team

BARS Protection Service's management team is second to none. One of Queensland’s most experienced security experts, Garry Oliver, leads this management team.

Customer Service

As a client of BARS Protection Services you will have the mobile numbers of key management and security personnel. Our belief is that having immediate access is an essential ingredient of the best solutions. Furthermore, we encourage, welcome, and appreciate your feedback and requests for information, advice or assistance.

Representation With Regulators

We have fostered and maintained good relationships with regulators when required we represent your interests. An important and significant part of our service is the collation of data to support businesses in their effort to provide evidence of their adoption of a diligent & responsible approach to regulatory compliance.

The Latest In Technology

We are constantly scanning and assessing advances in technology to ensure delivery of the solutions and systems that are appropriate to your current needs and are technologically robust.

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