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BARS Consultants specialise in the acquisition of the simplest to the most difficult and contentious applications.  Obtaining a new liquor license can be a complex process and can be a very daunting for a prospective Licensee whose background is more often than not in operational management of a pub, club or restaurant rather than in negotiating the web of red tape that can be involved.

BARS Consultants can provide expert advice and assistance in negotiating the liquor licensing process leaving prospective licensees to focus on other key operational tasks whilst this often lengthy process is undertaken.

Licensees should understand that the licensing process is a complex and often time consuming one and should allow for a minimum of 4 to 6 months for all applications and longer for some complex licenses, before your file even gets close to the delegated decision maker.

No one can guarantee you will be granted a license as that decision rests with the Commissioner of the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR), but without expert advice you may not put your best foot forward or create unnecessary delays by not submitting all necessary required documentation.

A typical liquor license application can include the following requirements all of which can be managed by BARS Consultants on your behalf:

  • Completion of multiple OLGR application forms;
  • Preparation of a mandatory Risk Assessed Management Plan (RAMP) for the proposed licensed premises;
  • Preparation of a standard or full Community Impact Statement (CIS) including substantial information of population demographics, race, gender & employment statistics, other licensed premises profiles, assessment of community risk, community consultation and assessments of the likely health and social impacts of granting the license applied for;
  • Ensuring all town planning, fire and building approvals are in place or scheduled prior to lodgement;
  • Obtaining copies of all supporting documentation such as copies of registered plans, title searches, site plans, location maps, site photographs, menus etc.
  • Coordinating advertising of the application on site as required; and/or
  • Preparation of submissions to waive or vary advertising requirements and assistance with the objections process if applicable;
  • Completion of all mandatory training requirements for management and staff and ensuring relevant training records, practices and procedures are established prior to opening;
  • Drafting of submissions including proposed Principal Activity, trading hours, standard and venue specific license conditions, licensed area description and related information to assist in streamlining the OLGR application process;
  • Acoustic testing and noise attenuation advice where required;
  • Coordinating site inspections and comment by local councils, Police, and OLGR; and
  • Regular liaison and follow up with OLGR staff to ensure the application is processed within normal timeframes.

For a low risk application such as a small restaurant without live music and with ordinary trading hours we aim to be the best value consultant in the field. BARS Consultants charge as low as $3,300 (Incl. GST) for low risk applications.

BARS Consultants can help advise you on the best license for your business, help obtain that license and more importantly give you ongoing support to make your future business a success in being as risk free as possible.


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