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It is well recognised that the principle responsibility of crowd controllers is to maintain the licensee's legal obligation to provide a safe environment for patrons and staff. Recently, a number of enforcement agencies have focused on higher-risk venues with crowd controllers and approved managers being required to produce an enormous amount of evidence to prove full compliance with a wide range of legislation.

As you are aware, the security industry cannot only be dangerous and physically demanding, but can also result in situations occurring that are beyond their control.  Recently, the security industry has not only come under the scrutiny of the authorities but has been subject to a number of civil action claims launched by "No Win No Fee" solicitors throughout Queensland.  

BARS Protection Services (Qld License 3402619) now offers senior crowd controllers that are specifically trained as RSA Marshals to overcome these challengers.  To perform as a qualified RSA Marshal in Queensland a licensed crowd controller must achieve the following training standards under the BARS Training Australia Accreditation Program. 

  • CPPSEC3002A - Manage Conflict through negotiation (every 3 years)
  • CPPSEC3013A - Control persons using empty handed techniques (every 3 years)
  • HLTFA311A - Apply First Aid (every 3 years)
  • HLTCPR211A - Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) (every year when first aid not required)
  • CPPSEC3004A - Lead Small Teams in the Security Industry
  • CPPSEC3005A - Prepare and Present Security Documentation and Reports
  • SITHFAB201 - Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • OLGR - Responsible Management of Licensed Venue (RMLV) (every 3 years)

Participants will also be required to activity participate in training with BARS Training Australia to a professional standard no less than on a 6 monthly basis. All participants must have current qualifications issued by BARS Training Australia or equal competency as assessed by a BARS Training Australia facilitator.  If you are an experienced crowd controller and want to upgrade your skills and develop a career path into hospitality management click here

All RSA Marshals employed by BARS Protection Services are fully equipped and trained in the use of portable headcam equipment shown in the photograph below, bringing a new level of accountablity to the crowd control industry.  So if you are concerned in any way about the supervision and/or general knowledge of your current crowd controllers, why not replace one or two of them with a trained RSA Marshal from BARS Protection Services.

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