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All Queensland security providers must hold a Queensland licence. However, if you hold a current licence issued in another state, or New Zealand, you can apply for mutual recognition for the equivalent licence.

  • Under the Mutual Recognition (Queensland) Act 1992, if you have an occupational license issued in a State or Territory of the Commonwealth, you are entitled to have that license recognised in Queensland under most, but not all, circumstances.  One the the licenses that will be recognised in youe security providers license. Under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition (Queensland) Act 2003, people registered in New Zealand have the same rights.
  • While the Office of Fair Trading is processing your application, you may perform the functions of a security provider equivalent to your interstate or New Zealand licence.  This interstate or New Zealand licence must remain current and you must show it to an inspector if asked, along with your receipt of payment you have made to the Office of Fair Trading.
  • Applicants from New Zealand license holders must advise the Office of Fair Trading in writing of the specific function or functions that you yourself performed on your 'certificate of approval to be the employee of a security guard'.  As a license under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition (Queensland) Act 2003 can only be granted for an equivalent license in Queensland.

Note: Security firms are not eligible for mutual recognition.